Specials for this festive season

  • Artisan chocolates: 9-piece box

  • Artisan chocolates: 27-piece box

  • 8-piece macaron box

  • 16-piece macaron box

  • Confectionery & Confiture 4-piece box

  • Butterscotch

  • Confectionery & Confiture 10-piece box

  • Whole almonds

  • Whole cashews


Amandé Patisserie, the first of its kind in Bangalore is inspired by the the crown jewel of the confectionary world, The Macaron. Amandé macarons are made from the choicest ingredients sourced from across the world. Chocolates from Belgium, cream from France, Almonds from the United States and Nuts from Italy come together in Bangalore to delight your taste buds.

Pronounced as (a-man-de), Amandé in French means Almond, the main ingredient of the macaron. As a Patisserie (pa–tis–se–rie) that stays true to the original textures of the macaron we call ourselves the “Amandé patisserie”.


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